Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long does it take to work?

A. When ClearSkinClay™ is taken as directed, many people notice a positive difference in their skin in about a week or less. We have had several customers report that their skin has improved approximately 30% after the first three days of using the clay twice per day. As a general guideline, if you drink ClearSkinClay™ twice per day, every single day, without missing any days, after two weeks you will probably be amazed at how your skin has improved. If you don't take ClearSkinClay™ every single day, it will not work as well. It is important to drink more water than usual while taking ClearSkinClay™, in order for it to work effectively. We recommend taking ClearSkinClay™ at least twice daily for 21 days and then evaluate how it has worked for you.

Q. How can I share my results?

A. Skinspire someone who is struggling with their skin! E-mail your “before and after” pictures to: or if you’ve just started with ClearSkinClay™, take a selfie with your ClearSkinClay™ mask on. Post your results on Instagram, and mention @whatababeskincare #clearskinclay so that we can see your beautiful smiling face!



Q. What countries do you ship to?

A. We currently offer FREE shipping worldwide. clay for acne

Q. How long does shipping take?

A. Please allow approximately 5-7 business days for your order to arrive. You can track your package by following the tracking link that will be E-mailed to you as soon as your order ships out from us. To check your order status, please visit the Order Status & Tracking page. All orders are mailed in less than 2 full business days from the time you place an order on our website.

Q. Can I choose express delivery? 

A. We only offer standard shipping service at this time.

Q. I completed my order, but I haven't received a tracking number yet?

A. Tracking numbers are usually sent on the next business day, so if you ordered on a Friday, you might not receive your tracking number until Monday.



Q. How do I buy ClearSkinClay™?

A. You can buy ClearSkinClay™ by visiting the Shop section of this website. ClearSkinClay™ is not available in retail stores or on any other websites.

Q. How much does ClearSkinClay™ cost?

A. ClearSkinClay™ costs $34, and shipping is free. You will not be charged any additional taxes, shipping, or customs fees at the time of delivery.

Q. Can I purchase your products if I don't have a credit card or online debit card available to me?

A. At this time, you will require a credit card, online debit card, or Paypal account to purchase ClearSkinClay™ on this website.



Q. How does ClearSkinClay™ work?

A. Simply put, ClearSkinClay™ works when it is taken internally because the toxins that contribute to problem skin have a positive charge, while the beneficial minerals in ClearSkinClay™ have a negative charge. Since opposite charges attract, ClearSkinClay™ literally binds with the toxins that would otherwise have to be eliminated through the skin in the form of acne, blemishes, rashes, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, and other skin challenges. ClearSkinClay™ holds the toxins that it attracts, and carries them out of the body safely through regular elimination. When used externally as a mask, ClearSkinClay™ works like a magnet, drawing positively charged toxins to its surface and holding them there. When the clay mask is removed with water, it takes with it the impurities and toxins that once thrived inside the skin. To read more about the science behind ClearSkinClay™, and how it works, check out the ClearSkinClay™ section of this website.

Q. What is in ClearSkinClay™?

A. ClearSkinClay™ is 100% natural Montmorillonite clay powder. This clay is sourced from an ancient, pure, and very unique clay deposit in the United States.

Q. What minerals are in ClearSkinClay™?

A. ClearSkinClay™ contains more than 50 natural trace minerals, including potassium, manganese, calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium and silica - which are all extremely beneficial to the body. The minerals in ClearSkinClay™ exist in natural proportion to one another, which encourages their absorption by the body.

Q. Is ClearSkinClay™ safe to eat?

A. Yes! The pure Montmorillonite clay that is in ClearSkinClay™ has been used both internally and externally for generations all over the world. It is Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA, and is one of only a few minerals that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) allows to be added to foods labeled "organic". ClearSkinClay™ is sourced from the most pristine natural clay deposit in the United States, and this clay is regularly analyzed by independent laboratories for safety, potency, and mineral content.

Q. What does “Montmorillonite” mean?

A. Montmorillonite clay is named after Montmorillon - the area in France in which this unique clay was discovered. Montmorillonite is a swelling type of clay from the bentonite family of clays. This type of clay is recognized especially for its detoxifying properties, because it has the ability to both adsorb (attract and adhere to) and absorb (hold) viruses, toxins and chemicals in the body, and then safely carry these substances out through regular elimination.

Q. Why is ClearSkinClay™ more expensive than some of the other clay products I've seen?

A. There are several reasons why ClearSkinClay™ may be more expensive than other clay products. ClearSkinClay™ is intended to be used both internally and externally. You will notice that inexpensive clay products are often labelled with the words "For External Use Only", because these products are not pure enough to consume. In some cases, the clay that is used in these products is industrial grade clay, instead of food grade clay. In terms of safety and purity, ClearSkinClay™ is unrivalled. Eatible clay is naturally more expensive and rare, and it must undergo more testing before we can sell it for your consumption. We also pay for the cost of shipping and tracking to our customers, so that cost is included in the cost of our products. Shipping charges are almost always extra when you purchase clay from other companies. Furthermore, many lower quality clay products must have other ingredients added to them, such as apple cider vinegar, in order to make them effective. The cost of purchasing these additional ingredients must be factored into the overall cost of purchasing a product. If you add up the costs associated with having a higher quality consumable clay, plus the cost of shipping and tracking, and the cost of other ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, the cost of ClearSkinClay™ is on par with other clay products, and is still much cheaper than cosmetic or prescription alternatives.

Q. What comes in each package of ClearSkinClay™?

A. Each package contains 70 servings of ClearSkinClay™. This amount of ClearSkinClay™ will last you between 3 weeks to 3 months - depending on the condition of your skin when you start using the product, and your health goals. We have packaged ClearSkinClay™ in such a way that a first-time user can take 3 servings of ClearSkinClay™ internally every day for 21 days, and use at least 7 external applications of ClearSkinClay™.  

Q. How does ClearSkinClay™ taste?

A. Mixed with a few ounces of water, ClearSkinClay™ has a neutral, slightly chalky taste. ClearSkinClay™ is virtually colorless, odorless, and is quite easy to drink.

Q. Will ClearSkinClay™ absorb all of the healthy bacteria in the digestive tract?

A. No, ClearSkinClay™ will actually assist in maintaining or reestablishing healthy gut flora. This clay helps arrest the growth of pathogenic viruses and bacteria, and assist in the development of beneficial bacteria.

Q. If I take ClearSkinClay™ internally, will the clay absorb the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the food and supplements that I eat?

A. No, ClearSkinClay™ will not absorb the nutrition that you put into your body. Since Montmorillonite clay particles hold a strong negative ionic charge, they are only attracted to substances that hold a positive charge, such as toxins, viruses, and other contaminants. ClearSkinClay™ cleanses the colon by drawing out and adhering to any toxic buildup that has accumulated. The result is that energy levels usually increase after approximately 3 days of taking clay internally. Once the clay has cleared the colon of built up mucous and plaque, vitamin and mineral absorption will improve.

Q. I have heard that Montmorillonite clay contains aluminum – is this safe?

A. Processed aluminum or free aluminum are positively charged toxins that are absorbed by the body and can cause harm. Aluminum is part of the structural make up of all clays, however, the aluminum in ClearSkinClay™ is in a safe, natural, oxide form. The aluminum in ClearSkinClay™ is not the same as the dangerous, man-made, processed aluminum. The aluminum that is naturally present in ClearSkinClay™ is completely inert, and it is not absorbed into the body when ingested. Most of the trace minerals that are in ClearSkinClay™ are joined together, and cannot break down or be absorbed by the body. Hair analysis that has been conducted on individuals that regularly consume clay has not revealed any abnormal levels of aluminum in the body. In fact, ClearSkinClay™ is one of the best natural substances to consume for the detoxification of heavy metals.

Q. Do I need to do anything special when taking ClearSkinClay™?

A. For optimal effectiveness, we recommend that you drink more water than you normally would when consuming ClearSkinClay™. As a general guideline, we believe that it is best to drink at least 1 liter of water per every 50 pounds of body weight that you have, per day. So, a 150LB person should be trying to drink at least 3 liters of water each day. You can definitely still get amazing results if you take ClearSkinClay™ and drink less than this amount of water each day, but 1 liter per 50 lbs of body weight should be the goal for optimal health, fitness, vitality and perfect skin.

Q. Are there any side effects of consuming ClearSkinClay™?

A. There are no known adverse side effects from consuming ClearSkinClay™ with adequate amounts of water. If enough water is not consumed with ClearSkinClay™, mild constipation can result. Any constipation experienced is usually the result of inadequate hydration, and the clay pulling morbid debris from the colon. If you experience constipation, increase your hydration and continue taking ClearSkinClay™, as this is a sign that it is working. There are several beneficial side effects that may result from consuming ClearSkinClay™ regularly. In addition to improving the health and appearance of skin, clay has been credited with improving the health of many people suffering from a wide range of conditions including constipation, diarrhea, nausea, anemia, chronic infections, eczema, heavy-metal poisoning, exposure to pesticides, arthritis, acid reflux, infertility, liver disease, obesity, hair-loss, and diabetes (both Type I and Type II). A whole host of unanticipated benefits have been reported to us, including improved digestion and elimination, better circulation, higher quality sleep, increased energy, decreased emotional abnormality, stronger immune system, healthy weight loss, and balanced sugar levels.



Q. Is there a phone number that you can be reached at?

A. We are only reachable by E-mail at: Our response time is usually one business day. 

Q. Can I return the products I purchase from you for a refund?

A. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please E-mail us at and we will refund your money 100%.



Q. Can I still take medicine and contraceptive pills while taking ClearSkinClay™ internally?

A. Yes you can, however, we recommend taking all prescription medications and oral contraceptives at least 1 hour away from consuming ClearSkinClay™. If you are taking any slow-release medications, check with your pharmacist to determine if ingesting Montmorillonite clay will interfere with your medications. You might want to ask how long it takes for the body to absorb the medication, and allow that time to pass between taking your medication and ClearSkinClay™.

Q. Is ClearSkinClay™ safe to take while pregnant or nursing?

A. ClearSkinClay™ is safe to take while pregnant or nursing. Many women crave clay during pregnancy for the minerals that it contains. Many women also rely on clay during pregnancy to lessen the discomforts of morning sickness. ClearSkinClay™ is an excellent product to take when one is experiencing nausea because it absorbs and carries the toxins out of the body that contribute to nausea.

Q. How long can I take ClearSkinClay™?

A. You can take ClearSkinClay™ regularly for as long as you would like.

Q. Is it possible to overdose on ClearSkinClay™

A. For safety and best results, we recommend following the dosage instructions on each package of ClearSkinClay™ and on the Directions page of this website. While it may be safe to take more than the daily recommended dosage of ClearSkinClay™, we believe that it is possible to take too much of a good thing – no matter what it is. We have only ever heard of one person overdosing on clay, and it was a man that consumed excessive quantities every day, for several weeks. The result was that this individual reported being constipated.

Q. Does ClearSkinClay™ expire?

A. If ClearSkinClay™ is stored in a cool, dry place, and is kept sealed in its re-sealable package, it will stay safe to consume for approximately 4 years. 

Q. I see that ClearSkinClay™ contains sodium (salt). Is this product safe to take internally if I have high blood pressure?

A. Yes, ClearSkinClay™ is safe to take if you have high blood pressure. However, we recommend taking ClearSkinClay™ internally at least one hour away from any other medication that you are currently taking. If you have any concerns, please consult a pharmacist or your doctor.

Q. Will ClearSkinClay™ clog the drains in my home, or ruin the septic system?

A. ClearSkinClay™ will not clog the drains in your home or damage a septic system. You will not have any problems with your home’s plumbing if you wash your used clay down the drain.

Q. Does ClearSkinClay™ contain any major food allergens?

A. ClearSkinClay™ does not contain any major food allergens such as peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk, soy, fish, shellfish, wheat, mustard, or sulphites. ClearSkinClay™ is packaged in an FDA registered facility, and it contains 100% Montmorillonite clay, which is a form of bentonite clay that contains over 50 trace minerals.

Q. I mixed ClearSkinClay™ with water this morning and I’ve noticed that it has separated from the water. Is it still ok to drink?

A. It is completely normal for ClearSkinClay™ to separate from water and settle on the bottom of the container it is in, if it has been left to sit for a period of time. If the clay separates, just shake it vigorously for a few seconds to mix it, and then use it as you normally would.

Q. Can I take the clay all at once if I miss a dose?

A. Yes, you can take more than one dose at once if you miss a dose during a 24-hour period. If you miss an entire day, just start on your regular clay consumption schedule the next day. ClearSkinClay™ works best if it is consumed in spaced doses throughout the day. However, if you get to the end of the day and realize that you have forgotten to take a serving of the clay in the morning, you can take 2 servings at night.



Q. How should I use ClearSkinClay™?

A. Please check out the Directions section of this website for detailed instructions for using ClearSkinClay™.

Q. Should I take ClearSkinClay™ on an empty stomach?

A. You can take ClearSkinClay™ on an empty stomach, but this is not necessary in order for it to be effective.

Q. Can I mix one big batch of clay and drink it throughout the day?

A. Yes, in fact, we recommend that you mix all of your clay and water in the morning, and drink this mixture throughout the day. For instance, if you usually take 3 teaspoons of ClearSkinClay™ per day, you can combine 3 teaspoons of clay with water in a water bottle in the morning, shake it, and then drink the clay and water mixture throughout the day.

Q. Do I have to refrigerate ClearSkinClay™ if it has been mixed with water?

A. ClearSkinClay™ that has been mixed with water does not have to be refrigerated. If ClearSkinClay™ is mixed with water and kept in a non-metallic container with a tight-fitting lid, it can stay safe for consumption for approximately 3 months.

Q. I just started using ClearSkinClay™ and I think my skin has actually gotten worse since I started using it. Is this possible?

A. Approximately 10% of users who begin using ClearSkinClay™ internally or externally may notice that their complexion gets a little bit worse before it starts getting better. Do not panic if this happens to you! In almost all of these cases, this is caused by insufficient water consumption. What is happening in these situations is the clay is pulling toxins out of the body faster than they can be bound to the clay and eliminated. The solution is to drink more water. If your skin starts to breakout shortly after you begin using ClearSkinClay™, continue taking ClearSkinClay™, and try your very best to double the amount of purified water that you drink each day. If you increase your water intake and continue using ClearSkinClay™, your skin should start to improve steadily after approximately 4 days. Remember, you should try to drink at least 1 liter of water for every 50lbs of body weight that you have, per day.

Q. Can I still eat and exercise normally while I’m taking ClearSkinClay™?

A. Yes, you can still eat and exercise normally while you’re using ClearSkinClay™ - both internally and externally. However, we strongly recommend that you completely eliminate the following foods and drinks if you are challenged by problem skin: ice cream, milk, and fruit juices/fruit drinks. We have found that dairy products, and the huge concentration of natural and added sugars in fruit juices and fruit drinks, cause breakouts in a large percentage of acne sufferers. Due to the extreme amount of lactose and other sugars, you will definitely want to avoid ice cream if you are really struggling with your skin. It is also a good idea to avoid high-sugar fruit juices such as orange juice and pineapple juice until your skin has become more manageable. It is best to eliminate these foods if you are experiencing skin challenges, but you can add them back into your diet slowly, and in moderation, once your body is in a healthier state of balance. You will find more suggestions like this under the Tips section of this website.

Q. Will my skin start breaking out again if I stop using ClearSkinClay™?

A. ClearSkinClay™ will help clear problem skin and allow the immune system to operate more effectively. Once skin has completely cleared, we recommend starting on the “Maintenance” program outlined on the Directions section of this website. If your body is relatively balanced and you only get occasional breakouts, you should be able to use ClearSkinClay™ as needed. We believe that ClearSkinClay™ is a super food that can be taken daily, to assist in regular detoxification. We use 1-2 teaspoons of ClearSkinClay™ every day in our morning smoothies, and recommend that you use it regularly for the prevention of problem skin. It is important not to skip days, or stop using ClearSkinClay™ until your skin is clear.

Q. How long will one package of ClearSkinClay™ last?

A. One package of ClearSkinClay™ contains 70 servings. The length of time that the clay will last generally depends on the condition of your skin. If you have moderate to severe problem skin, one package will last you 3-4 weeks. If you are pretty happy with your skin, but are looking to improve your skin quality and/or prevent random breakouts, you can usually get away with taking 1-2 servings per day. In this case, one package of ClearSkinClay™ will last approximately 2-3 months.

Q. Can I use a metal containers and utensils to mix ClearSkinClay™?

A. Contact with metal will weaken the negative electrical charge of the clay, thus reducing its potency and its ability to draw and absorb toxins. In addition, contact with metal may cause the metal to prematurely rust. For these reasons, we recommend only using glass or plastic to stir and mix ClearSkinClay™. To mix ClearSkinClay™ in the most effective way, we recommend shaking it with water in a glass or plastic container.

Q. Is it best to space out my ClearSkinClay™ consumption?

A. Yes, we believe that it is not how much clay you use that makes the biggest difference – it is how frequently and consistently that you use it.

Q. Can I mix ClearSkinClay™ with other liquids?

A. When you are taking ClearSkinClay™ for maintenance, you can mix it with other liquids and foods, such as smoothies and shakes. However, if you are really struggling with your skin, we recommend that you mix ClearSkinClay™ with pure water. Try not to mix ClearSkinClay™ with fruit juices because the sugar in natural fruit juices can lead to breakouts.

Q. After I washed off the ClearSkinClay™ mask, my face looked more red than usual. Is this normal?

A. It is completely normal for your skin to look more red than usual (almost like a sunburn) after you remove your ClearSkinClay™ mask. But don't worry, this is not an actual burn, and the redness will start to go away shortly after the mask has been removed. The reason for the redness is because blood rushes up to the top of the skin as the mask absorbs as many of the impurities that it can from the face. For this reason, we recommend that you apply the mask at night before bed, as the redness may take an hour or so to subside. Many users make the ClearSkinClay™ mask a regular bedtime ritual, in the following way: Remove makeup, apply ClearSkinClay™ mask, brush teeth, remove ClearSkinClay™ mask in the shower, apply a gentle natural moisturizer such as aloe vera.

Q. When I used ClearSkinClay™ as a mask, I felt my face start to tingle and get tight when the mask started to dry. Is this normal?

A. Yes, it is normal for you to feel a tingle and tighten sensation on your face when you apply the ClearSkinClay™ mask and it begins to dry. Many users report that the mask feels like it is pulsating on their face – this is the feeling of the mask at work; drawing out toxins and impurities.

Q. I stirred some ClearSkinClay™ in a few ounces of water and the clay became so clumpy that it wasn’t pleasant to drink.

A. The best way to mix ClearSkinClay™ with water is to shake it in a glass or plastic container with a tight-fitting lid. If you combine the clay and water in this way, it will form a smooth consistency, which is easier to swallow. It takes much longer to get a smooth consistency when you simply stir the clay with water. Remember, you should also avoid stirring ClearSkinClayÔ and water with metal utensils, such as spoons.

Q. Sometimes after I have shaken ClearSkinClay™ in water, a few particles of unmixed clay remain at the bottom. Do I have to drink these unmixed bits?

A. Any clay that has not properly dissolved and mixed with water after you have shaken it for 30-60 seconds is most likely calcium that will not dissolve easily. If there are some bits of undissolved clay left at the bottom of your container, you do not have to drink this if you don’t want to, but it will not hurt to drink it.

Q. Any tricks to make ClearSkinClay™ taste better?

A. There are a few things that you can do to make ClearSkinClay™ taste better. Be sure to shake ClearSkinClay™ with water, rather than stir it. Shaking the clay and water mixture for a longer time than normal (i.e. 90 seconds, rather than 30 seconds) can contribute to a better consistency. For a more neutral taste, combine the clay with more water than you would usually use. Lastly, try combining ClearSkinClay™ with cold water, rather than warm or room temperature water. The clay tends to taste better when it is mixed with cold water.

Q. Do you recommend adding vinegar to the clay mask?

A. We do not recommend adding any type of vinegar when you prepare the clay mask. Other companies may recommend adding apple cider vinegar to their mask preparations, but this may be due to the fact that the clays that they are selling are of a lower grade with a lower negative charge, and a weaker ability to pull toxins and impurities from the skin. Lower quality clay products may require help from vinegar to do the job, but ClearSkinClay™ does not require any vinegar. 


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